4 Reasons To Have A Personal Protection Dog

What a Trained Protection Dog Can Do for You

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4 Reasons To Have A Personal Protection Dog

For most people, protecting themselves and their families is a top priority. There are different ways to do this but perhaps one of the most effective ways to protect you and your loved ones is to get a well-trained personal protection dog. Here at Heart Mountain K9, training dogs is what we do. We are passionate about helping people protect themselves and their family which is why we tirelessly work to pair families with personal protection dogs. The following are a few reasons why you should consider adding one to your family.


Protection, Wherever You GO.

  • A Heart Mountain K9 Personal Protection Dog is well versed not only in protection
  • skills but have spent hundreds of hours training for public access. A dog trained by
  • Heart Mountain K9, is better suited for public access work than most assistance
  • animals, resulting in a very reliable and accountable animal, no matter where you
  • go.
german shepard

Watching your back, even when you are occupied.

  • Nobody has time to look over their shoulder all day or spend their day watching over
  • their child. A Heart Mountain K9 Personal Protection Dog is raised to always be alert
  • and attentive to their surroundings. That means, you and your family are being
  • protected 100% of the time that you aren’t paying attention.

Imposing Appearance.

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice surveys taken in 2020, 87% of criminals
  • incarcerated for breaking and entering claim that they will still invade a home if they
  • know it has an electric alarm system, however, out of that same focus group, only
  • 17% claimed they would be willing to invade a home that they knew had a dog.
  • Often, whether it’s the threat of them barking and waking you up or biting the bad
  • guy, your dog is going to be a deterrent to violence far before it will ever need to be
  • deployed.

A Unique Take on a Family Member.

  • At Heart Mountain K9, we train dogs for protection work, and when our dogs aren’t
  • training to fight a man and protect our children, they are cuddling and playing ball
  • with our kids. Our dogs are family dogs first, and protection dogs second. The dogs
  • are raised to harbor a deep love for you and your family, making your home safer,
  • and your time with them cherished.

When you get a personal protection dog, you get a family pet, companion, and canine bodyguard all wrapped in one lovable package. Having one around your home will give you a feeling of security and safety. More than just alerting you to danger, protection dogs will prevent a home invasion. And in the case of any danger, you can trust your Heart Mountain K9-trained canine friend to step in front and protect you and your family at all costs. Call us now to learn more about how to get a personal protection dog for your family.

Looking For A Protection Dog? We Can Help!