Can You Buy A Protection Dog?

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Can You Buy A Protection Dog?

More than just a pet to keep you company, a personal protection dog is specifically trained to defend its owners in the event of an imminent attack or threat. Dogs like this have received special training for this purpose. Organizations like Heart Mountain K9 specialize in raising special protection dogs for families. If you’re wondering whether or not you can buy a protection dog, here is a comprehensive guide you’ll find helpful.

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Finding a Personal Protection Dog for Sale

  • There are several companies world-wide that train and sell protection dogs, none of
  • which meet the standard of quality that we employ at Heart Mountain K9. Our dogs
  • are chosen to be part of our very specific and condensed breeding program, the
  • focuses on producing puppies that have the ideal drive, nerves and traits to be
  • trained as reliable Personal Protection Dogs. We have access to the best old
  • bloodlines in the world that most breeders believe no longer exist. When you
  • purchase a dog from us, you’re purchasing a dog that you can’t get anywhere else in
  • the world.
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Consider the Cost

  • Personal Protection Dogs are expensive, and while we do not prescribe to charging
  • our clients the inflated rates that other companies charge, the price is still
  • substantial. That said, when you choose to work with our company, not only do you
  • get to choose exactly what your dog is meant for, we cookie cutter that dog’s
  • training to your needs and build a price based on what you want, so you don’t have
  • to deal with up sales and a bunch of bells and whistles that are only meant to make
  • you spend more than needed.
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Consider The Level Of Training

  • The reason for the price of a fully trained protection dog is a combination of the cost
  • of the genetic prospect itself, and the training that goes into making that dog a
  • reliable force multiplier. While we are not priced outrageously like our competition,
  • our prices are still substantial. This is due to the training that goes into our incredibly
  • bred dogs. These dogs starting training from 6 weeks of age and continue until they
  • come to your home. When you purchase a Protection Dog from Heart Mountain K9,
  • you have a big part to play in the selection of your dog and deciding what type of
  • training goes into the dog. In short, as a Heart Mountain K9 client, you play a huge
  • part in deciding the price of the Protection Dog that you buy.
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Will a Protection Dog Adjust to my Home?

  • At Heart Mountain K9, our dogs are raised in homes from the time they are born. If
  • you keep a clean and structured home, then your protection dog is going to find
  • himself in a familiar environment.

If you need a personal protection dog anywhere in Northwest Wyoming and surrounding areas, reach out to Heart Mountain K9. Our experts will meticulously select one of our well-trained protection dogs that will match your lifestyle and specific needs. Call now or contact us online to get your own personal protection dog.

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