Dunja von den Roten Vobergen

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Dunja is a joy to work with. She always gives 100% effort and is very biddable. She is a highly defensive female and has had several live bites. Threat detection comes very natural to her and she has made a great family protection dog. She is active and always ready to work. She is good natured and gets along well with children and tolerates cats. Dunja's hunt drive is phenomenal and once she locates her target, she will brave hazardous conditions to access it.

Dunja has a rich black sable stock coat with heavy red undertones. Her head is beautifully feminine while still maintaining the strong Czech type. Her eyes are deep brown and her ear set is high and correct. Dunja has a very correct shoulder structure paired with a well angulated rear end.

We expect Dunja to produce pups suitable for duel purpose police work, military, and personal protection, as well as high level competitors in sport.