Heart Mountain K9 offers training for both competition nose work and practical applications. We train dogs to detect pests (such as snakes), as well as, but not limited to: mold, gas leaks, sheds and any other scent you could imagine. Heart Mountain K9 is also active in the leasing and sales of dogs suited for law enforcement style detection work. This includes: explosive detection, narcotics detection, and the detection of other illegal/ controlled substances.

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Training Areas


Train your dog in the protection, obedience, and tracking sport of your choice.


Train your dog in Competition and Home Obedience.

Family Protection

Provide a dog trained to protect, or Train the dog you have.


Train your dog in this popular activity or take your Game to the next level.


Train your dog to aid you in the tracking and harvesting of game.

Aggression Rehab

Stabilize your dog's aggression while building their confidence.


Train your dog to Search for items or Footstep Track.

& much more!

If the training you are seeking is not listed, just ask.