Personal Protection Dog

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Male | DOB September 2017 | Level 2


Storm is a male, solid black German Shepherd Dog. He is accustomed to being in a home and enjoys domestic life and just being with his people. However he is dynamic and will need to be included in an active lifestyle. He is sound and respectful with strangers on the street as well as new animals so he is suitable to be taken everywhere with you. Storm is a basic protection dog. He has on-leash and in-home obedience skills. He is trained to alert on-leash and send out for a take down. As a protection dog, he will defend you and fight through pain and intense aggression from his target.

To apply for Storm, please fill out the questionnaire below. For General inquiries, email or call 307-250-2211.​Filling out the form Below is not a commitment to buy a dog and will not reserve this dog.