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Worth The Investment

Heart Mountain K9 is amazing. We have a 8 month old (at the times of training in March of '21) Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. My wife and I were at the end of our ability to train him and it was getting frustrating. We discovered Michael and Denae at Heart Mountain K9 and opted for the 30 day board and train program. When we got our dog back, he was a completely different animal and 1,000% worth the financial investment. He learned so much and we (the humans) were trained too in all our dog knew and what he can do, as well as further developing the dog's skills and talents at home since training has ended. We as a family are grateful to everyone at Heart Mountain K9. It is fun to listen to Michael discuss his passion for dogs and his zeal to develop his business. Whether you have a new puppy or need to teach your old dog some new tricks, as they say...Heart Mountain K9 needs to be your one and only call.

- Mike A.

Saved Our Homelife

I sought help for my five year old Yorkshire terrier to resolve dangerous canine aggression towards both young children and other dogs. I rescued him from a puppy mill where he was severely abused by the other dogs on site and by the children who lived there so he had a history that needed addressing. I couldn't take him out in public because it was not safe. He would try to attack any dog he saw and would terrify children (and their parents), but the day he severed the optic nerve of my other dog was the day I took him to Heart Mountain K9 because I could no longer rationalize away his behavior. Mike, his wife, and their two children took Leroy in to their home as if he were their own. They did confidence building work, they desensitized him to their own children, they leash trained him, they exposed him to other dogs in a controlled setting so he would feel safe, they crate trained him so he feels security in his crate rather than stress, and they loved him. Leroy needed two months with them because his fear of dogs and of children was so entrenched but I can now take him out in public safely. I took him in to Bamgaars soon after he came home and I froze in my tracks when I heard laughing children because they were headed in my direction. To my joy, Leroy simply looked at them and wagged his tail. There was not a hint of aggression in him. For the first time I felt proud of him rather than embarrassed by him. He still needs work with other dogs, but Mike is able to work with us at home. I definitely recommend Heart Mountain K9, he saved my dog!

- Kathy H.


I have been a client of Heart Mountain K9 for 2 years now. When I found them, I just wanted help to train my dog to a high level of obedience. Michael talked to me about personal protection training also. I didn't think I needed that and had a fear of my dog possibly making a mistake and biting someone inappropriately. Michael assured me that having the training would make my dog AND myself much more confident, which would prevent that from ever happening. I have to say, I was skeptical in the beginning and questioned things a lot, but in the end, he was right, and I had an amazing, loving, friendly, SAFE dog who was a joy for anyone to be around (AND made me feel safe if a bad situation were to ever arise).I now have a second GSD in training for not only personal protection, but also narcotics detection, shed hunting and maybe some search and rescue. This is so much fun and has become a passion for me! It is so cool to watch my dog progress and become the kind of dog I have always dreamt of having! I couldn't have done this without the help of Heart Mountain K9. They are knowledgeable and straight forward. Michael will let you know if your dog has the ability to do what you are asking for. I put my trust in them and am thankful to have found them.

- Gina F.