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Heart Mountain K9 is owned and operated by us, Michael and Denae Thomas. We started training shelter dogs and developing our skills in 2010. In 2012 we started training professionally under the instruction of experienced trainers. While under that tutelage, we discovered and developed our own training philosophy and techniques which embodied a more modern outlook. In 2014, we started our first training business. We found out right away that dog training is a necessary service for the everyday family, and our business spiraled from there.

Heart Mountain K9 produces litters of puppies very selectively. We breed only the top specimens who are proven through working venues and official health testing. Versatility, Working Ability, Intelligence, Health, and Beauty are valued to the highest extent. We take impeccable care in choosing suitable homes for our pups, and our buyers can rest assured that their pup will exceed their expectations.

We take pride in every Protection Dog that we put on the market. The Heart Mountain K9 dogs have accomplished a higher training level than any dogs sold by large protection venders, and are sold at only a fraction of the cost. We believe that the working class family should be able to afford high-end protection. Heart Mountain K9 intends to protect your family… that is our PASSION, and that is our GOAL.

We are proud to offer our services to the amazing residents of Park County, and we are equally as proud to say that Heart Mountain K9 has grown into an international business and has assisted law enforcement by placing competent K9's on the street.

Heart Mountain K9 is dedicated to serving the Northwest Region of Wyoming and surrounding areas with effective and comprehensive canine training. With Heart Mountain K9, you can expect only the best, cutting-edge training methods that are customized to fit each individual dog and its handler.​

With over 18 years of combined training experience, the trainers at Heart Mountain K9 are equipped to help you with all of your training needs. While we specialize in Protection, Canine Aggression, and Nosework, we are fully fluent in other faucets of training.

The dogs we take in are trained and accustomed to a home environment. For our client dogs, this means that they get to enjoy the same luxuries they are accustomed to, and for our k9s in training, this means that they will be a more rounded companion and partner in their future jobs.

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Heart Mountain K9


2426 Big Horn Avenue

Cody, WY 82414


Tel:  (307) 250-2211  Senior Trainer

         (307) 250-4102  Assistant Trainer

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