Athena Tespo Bohemia

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We imported Athena Tespo Bohemia from the Czech Republic in April 2016. She is a phenomenal bitch! She is the best working bitch we have come across in the US today. Her intensity and natural aggression are unmatched. Our only challenge is finding a stud dog who will do her justice. She is highly intelligent and is very willing. She bonds closely to one person and pays no mind to anyone else. Very stable, thoughtful, and calm in unfamiliar places. We can not say enough good about Athena. She has extreme ball drive, extreme hunt drive, high prey drive, and high defense drive. This is an all-around bitch. She is thick boned and masculine in body with a strong, muscular face. She has perfectly set, large, and thick ears and almond shaped, dark drown eyes. She has beautiful red points and a thick undercoat. She is HD/ED 0/0 (excellent). Athena will be trialing for her PSA1 this fall so watch for her on the trial field. Athena is the epitome of the German Shepherd Dog breed standard. We value her in our breeding program, and expect her to reproduce herself in her pups. We will be keeping back many of her pups to watch how they mature and use her bloodlines in our breeding program for generations to come.