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Caesar z Faoladh

Caesar Stack- 23 months old-4.jpg

Caesar is a large, robust male with prominent muscling, thick boning, and masculine head type. He has a black sable, stock coat, dark eyes, and correct dentition. Caesar carries the black gene, and the coated gene.

Caesar has extreme ball drive and high possession. His hunt drive is nothing short of his dam's and his determination brings intensity to everything he does.

In protection, Caesar hits hard and has a natural deep, full grip. Once on the bite, he will fight through large amounts of pressure. Caesar's high level of confidence and focus gives him a methodical appearance. He is sure of himself and is not suspicious or defensive.

Caesar shows no aggressive behavior to other animals or people, but also does not seek affection from either. He is neutral in all environments.

Caesar is an overall force with an intimidating appearance. He will be trialing for his PSA PDC and PSA1 in 2023. He will then go on to compete in the PSA2 in 2024. He is also being trained and utilized in the detection of narcotics. Caesar is OFA DM Clear, OFA Good Hips, and OFA Normal elbows.

On his dam's side, Caesar is the grandson of Javir vom Talka Marda 2009 Universal Sieger, KKL1, SCHH3, IPO3, WUSVx3 (3° platz '08), BSPx4 (Sieger '08, Vize Sieger '09, 3° 2007), 4xLGA Sieger, and Great-Grandson of Oliv Leryka IPO3, ZPO2, ZM, ZVV3, ZPS1,VPG3.

On his sires side, Caesar is Neo von Grenslager IPO3 (100 IN USA 2015 ), WUSV 2016

Caesar Portrait-2.jpg
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