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Arsa z Bat'ovek


Arsa was imported from the Czech Republic in November of 2020. She was chosen by our team because of her strong natural aggression, clear head, and confident demeanor. This is as good as it gets.

Arsa spent several years as an active special forces dog in the Czech Republic. She is sharp and ready to work all of the time. She is environmentally sound in every situation. Arsa is trained on the suit and in muzzle fighting. She has high defense drive and high prey drive. Her stable temperament and clear head allow her to be safe around children and neutral to other animals.

Arsa's pedigree is undeniable with prominent Czech lines from both her dam and her sire. Arsa is 100% Czech which is rare to find.

She has a gorgeous feminine head, solid black stock coat, dark eyes, medium ears with good set, and a sleek, athletic structure with beautiful angulation.

Arsa will be cross-trained to title and compete in PSA.

Arsa Stack- 6 years old-2.jpg
Arsa belly bite.jpg
Arsa 2.jpg
Arsa muzzle fighting.png
Arsa bicep suit bite.jpg
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