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Ranger vom

Big Rock

OFA Hips/Elbows: Excellent/Normal

Ranger free stack-2.jpg

Ranger is a young male who could accurately be described as strong, both in stature and in nerve. He is a large male and will mature at the top of breed standard. He has a blocky head, high ear set, good structure, and natural muscle mass.

Ranger has a loving demeanor, and forward defensive aggression. He has very high prey drive and never disappoints with his level of determination. Ranger brings 100% to the table every time.

We look forward to using Ranger in our breeding program as he matures. We expect his pups to excel in duel purpose work and high level family protection. He will also pass on his impressive stature and intimidating appearance. Stay tuned for future breedings.

Ranger laying down.png
Ranger Portrait 2.jpg


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