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Personal Protection Dog

Vulkan- Bjork front standing-2.jpg


Male    DOB November 2020   Level 2

$26,000 USD

Ranger and Vulcan.jpg

Vulcan is a stunning male with an intimidating and intelligent countenance. He has strong structure with rich and dark pigment. Vulcan is a joy to be around but handles business when the time has come. Vulcan shows amazing discernment and judgement for such a young dog and those skills become more tuned by the day. Vulcan is a social male and gets along with other dogs. He is good with kids and livestock. He will make a great addition to any family wanting a failproof protection system for their home, or a single woman looking for extra peace of mind and security.

Bjork- Vulcan 4 weeks old-2.jpg

Vulcan at 4 weeks old

To apply for Vulcan, please fill out the questionnaire below. For General inquiries, email or call 307-250-2211.

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