Dog Training

Classes are suspended at this time. Ask about our private lessons or Virtual Classes to get started with your training journey!

HMK9 Training Philosophy

Our programs focus on bridging the gap between you and your canine companion. The first step in training is to become fluent in a communication system. Using Heart Mountain K9's system, you and your dog will build a stronger relationship, and your dog will obey your command of its own free will. Our dog training system makes learning clear and enjoyable for your dog.

Upcoming Group Classes!!!

Classes are kept small for maximum 1-on-1 time with the trainer. This page is continually updated as new classes come available so


If you don't see the class you are looking for, please message us to let us know. Our class schedule is based on the requests we receive.

Class Q&A

Puppy Kindergarten

6-week course


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Agility 101

6-week course


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Obedience Work

  • 1 Private Lesson $80
  • 4 Private Lessons $300

    Additional packages include:

  • - Basic Obedience Package

    - Advanced Obedience Package

  • - Aggression Rehab Package

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Protection Work

Price is based on a case-per-case basis

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"Raise Your Own" Personal Protection Dog Package

1 Private Protection Lesson $120

4 Protection Lessons $400

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Nose Work

Price is based on a case-per-case basis

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Price is based on a case-per-case basis

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Private Lessons 4 for $300

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Training Areas


Train your dog in the protection, obedience, and tracking sport of your choice.


Train your dog in Competition and Home Obedience.

Family Protection

Provide a dog trained to protect, or Train the dog you have.


Train your dog in this popular activity or take your Game to the next level.


Train your dog to aid you in the tracking and harvesting of game.

Aggression Rehab

Stabilize your dog's aggression while building their confidence.


Train your dog to Search for items or Footstep Track.

& much more!

If the training you are seeking is not listed, just ask.

Consult a Professional Before Purchasing a Puppy

It is a common misconception that any German Shepherd can do the job and those who want a protection dog jump to buying the first pup they see. The reality is that these people quickly find out that their new pup is not what they needed. It is better to talk to your trainer and ask for recommendations before committing to buying a pup.