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HMK9 Training Philosophy

Our program focuses on bridging the gap between you and your canine companion. The first step in training is to become fluent in a communication system that makes learning clear and enjoyable for the dog. Using Heart Mountain K9's system, you and your dog will build a stronger relationship, and your dog will obey your command of his own free will.


Group Classes!!!

Classes are kept small for maximum 1-on-1 time with the trainer. This page is continually updated as new classes come available so


If you don't see the class you are looking for, please message us to let us know. Our class schedule is based on the requests we receive.

Puppy Kindergarten

In this 6 week course, your puppy will gain socialization, focus, and the confidence to overcome obstacles and solve problems. While your puppy will be introduced to some basic commands and fun tricks, the class is aimed to give you and your pup the best start possible by simply familiarizing your pup to the concept of learning. This class is essential for the lifelong success of your new puppy.


Classes start 4/15/2019

Contact HMK9 for more info





Train your dog in the protection, obedience, and tracking sport of your choice.



Provide a dog trained to protect, or Train the dog you have.



Train your dog in Competition and Home Obedience.



Train your dog in this popular activity or take your Game to the next level.



Train your dog to Search for, and retrieve Game horns and antlers.



Stabilize your dog's aggression while building their confidence.



Train your dog to Search for items or Footstep Track.



If the training you are seeking is not listed, just ask.



HMK9 Basic Obedience follows the Canine Good Citizen certification very closely. In this program, your dog will learn:

  • Loose Leash Heeling

  • Sit Stay

  • Down Stay

  • On-Leash Recall

  • Place

  • Greeting new people respectfully

This package includes 1 month Board-N-Train, 2 private lessons, and an exclusive HMK9 leather leash.

Basic Obedience Package

HMK9 Advanced Obedience is the right choice for anyone needing an off-leash reliable canine or looking to compete in Competition Obedience or Dog Sports. With this package, your dog will learn all off-leash obedience behaviors as well as a focused heel and distance commands.

This package includes 2 months board and train, 3 private lessons, and an exclusive HMK9 leather leash.

Advanced Obedience Package


Protection Work

There is nothing more valuable to teach your dog than how to react when your safety is threatened. Many dogs are naturally protective with their owners but statistics show that , when faced with an actual threat, those dogs fail to engage the attacker. This fact is not because of a lack of caring, but because of a lack of training. If you expect your dog to come to your defense when you need them, you must give them the tools and the knowledge to deal with the threat. There is nothing like the piece of mind you have when you know that, without a doubt, your canine will be there for you when you need them most.

Buy a Protection Dog

A fully trained dog will cost you about as much as an all around security system... and that is exactly what you are getting. You are getting a security system that can think and react without the risk of malfunction. You are getting a weapon that is safe around your children. You are getting a bullet that is only as lethal as it needs to be and can be called back to you at the drop of a dime. You are getting a partner. You are getting a friend. There is nothing more valuable than having a protection trained dog at your side.

Raise your own Personal Protection Dog

If you would rather raise your own puppy for Personal Protection work, HMK9 has a package just for you. The package includes:

a puppy hand picked by our trainers to fit your needs, 2 months of training to be completed before 1 years old, 5 months of training to be completed at 12-18 months, 6 private lessons, and a 2 inch leather collar with a 3 foot exclusive HMK9 leather leash.

With this avenue, the dog you end up with depends on the attributes of the individual dog and your dedication to the overall goal.

Sport Work

Sport Work

There is nothing more important than forming a strong bond with your dog. Sportwork is the ultimate relationship building activity. If you are looking to take your dogs training to the next level and have continuous challenges, ask us about Sport Work. There are many sports to participate in depending on your preferences and your dogs suitability.

Working Dog Club

Anyone interested in protection sports should inquire about Cody's exclusive working dog club. Members of our Club are training for PSA, IPO, and Iron Dog competition, as well as real world defense.


Heart Mountain K9 offers titling services for breeders or anyone wanting a titled dog. Our pricing is very competitive for this service.


Behavior modification

When you first obtained your dog, you never imagined you could feel any negativity towards them. Now that they have settled in, they are beginning to show behavioral issues and everything you do just seems to make the problem worse. Stress puts strain on the relationship you have with your pet and it is not healthy for either of you. Heart Mountain K9 will ease your frustration by getting to the root of your dog's behavior problems. No one wants to have negativity in their human-canine relationships, so let Heart Mountain K9 help you create balance and allow your relationship with your dog to flourish.

Aggression Rehab Package

Heart Mountain K9 specializes in the application and manipulation of canine aggression. Every dog has aggression and our trainers will help your dog realize when it is unnecessary and inappropriate to use that aggression. This package may be customized for more serious cases.


It includes:

  • 2 months Board-N-Train

  • 5 Private Lessons

  • An exclusive Heart Mountain K9 leather leash.

Private Lesson Packages

It is amazing what one hour of 1-on-1 time with an experienced trainer can do! Lessons will be completely personalized to your needs and goals. Private lessons are one of the most effective training methods for dogs with specific issues or who need to learn specialized skills. Each private lesson is 40- 60 mins of consentrated training and information. Your dog will be introduced to concepts while you are taught how to practice and improve the skills your dog is learning. You will also be given valuable information about how to live with your dog and structure his life in a way that is conducive to a partnership built on respect and gratitude. There are package deals that will give you discounts on your lessons so pricing varies. Call to set up your free evaluation to see if this is the right training method for you and your canine.

Fat Dog Day


This package is for Dogs that need more exercise and owners who don't have the time to provide it. Your dog gets ten days of intensive exercise with HMK9. Your dog would stay with us from 8-5 on scheduled days. Activities include:

  • Run/Walk around town

  • Swimming

  • Fetch

  • Any other activity that fits the criteria

You will also receive Nutritional Advice and Exercise regimen.




When Heart Mountain K9 trains a dog to Hunt, the focus is on creating, not only a life long companion, but also an effective working partner.

Shed Hunting Package

With this package, your dog will learn all the necessary behaviors that are critical for a successful Shed Hunter. This package includes:

3 months Board-N-Train

Live runs until your dog succeeds

3 private lessons

1 High Quality E-collar


Bird Dog Puppy Package

2 months Board-N-Train

4 Private Lessons

Your puppy will be socialized to the sound of gun shot and learn impulse control. He will learn directional cues along with the necessary obedience commands. He will be taught to retrieve and not to chew. This package will give your bird dog the best start to their working career. You can expect to get back a confident, enthusiastic, and workable pup.



Need a new hobby? Look no further! Agility is a great way to build your bond with your dog by working towards a goal and having fun doing it. Agility is a great outlet for your dogs energy and also provides significant mental stimulation to keep your dog's mind strong. Your dog will have a ton of fun learning the sport of agility and you will be able to obtain a sense of accomplishment with your dog.

Agility Lessons

Because Agility is a team sport, it is best learned as a team. We offer classes for beginning agility, however HMK9 recommends lessons to anyone who wishes to compete in agility.


Service Dogs

Our service dog training packages are customized for each individual's needs and wants. Pricing varies greatly. If you are in need of service dog training, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer free evaluations where we can discuss with you, in depth, the best options for you and your dog.

Veteran service Training

Heart Mountain K9 strives to offer our highly trained working dogs as PTSD service dogs for veterans. These dogs' abilities in the art of protection will create an extra sense of security for our veterans. 

Service Dog Package

Your package will vary depending on your individual needs and the characteristics of your dog. Our basic service dog package includes:

  • 4 months Board-N-Train

  • 10 private lessons

  • Service Dog Vest

  • Exclusive HMK9 Leather Leash

The base price for this package is $6900

Remember to ask your health insurance provider about covering costs.


Nose Work

Heart Mountain K9 offers many different kinds of nose work; From searching for narcotics to tracking down your child when he wanders off. Some types of nose work have practical applications while others just serve to stimulate and and occupy the dog. Learning something new is always beneficial to your canine. With nose work, you will never run short of new challenges to occupy your dog's mind.

Upcoming Nose Work Clinics

Heart Mountain K9 will be hosting some two day nosework clinics in the near future! The first of which will cover scent targeting and indication. Contact us for more information.

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